Custom Lettering Logo Project

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I'm working through an agency to brainstorm ideas for a logo to use for the city of Mountain View's annual Art & Wine Festival. I figured I'd take the opportunity to do some custom lettering rather than the more conventional logo approach.

Attached is the first idea (of three) I finished. Here are some notes:

- ALL the text you see has to be included, unfortunately. That part isn't negotiable.
- All the lettering is custom. Obviously I spent the most time on the "Art & Wine" section, but the smaller sans and serif blocks of text were done (somewhat hastily) as custom lettering as well. There was no real reason, I just thought it'd be fun to do all of it "by hand".

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Is there a reason why attachments aren't working? It's an 87kb PDF and everything seems to upload fine, but it doesn't appear in the post.

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Had the same problem!
After upgrade flashplayer everything start working fine...

António Fonseca

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