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Yet another stencil from moi. Any suggestions?


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Hi john

Nice work
Is inspires on the architectural forms?

you will have to solve the simlarities betwen the A,O and D. And betwen the X, the U, and the V

i think that a reasonable way will be not to force all the characters with the two foots you gave them, and i also think that the Z could be solved some way else, it escapes a little bit of the other forms



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Thanks, Cristian...

I think I'm married to the idea of them having the feet ALTHOUGH I did do a version without the feet... it was pretty easy to do at the same time.

What I was working toward was sort of a cursive stencil. It needs a lot of work but it could be fun.

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looks like little pedestals to me. Kind'a neat. Its like your font is so elite, you lift them off the baseline, so they don't get dirty.

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