"ilux" - Customised Looking geometric font

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I know this looks pretty customised, but i'm pretty positive i've spotted some fonts on a font library website that had elements that looked exactly like the X. any good suggestions guys?

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No see no image.

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There are no two-colored fonts. It can only be done by combining two seperate fonts that are designed to work together (like Rosewood/Rosewood Fill for example).

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You might be thinking of Braggadocio.

- Lex

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This is very similar to Bifur by A. M. Cassandre. IHOF revived it as P22 Bifur.

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ah thats the one thanks! yea it can be made two colors because the font comes with two seperate sets to be layered on top of eachother. thank you all!

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Louise Fili did this logo as well as another one, Ecco, using the same type style. I just went through a few of her books and couldn't find it, but I swear there is a showing of it.

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This ecco? I always see it on books and love it!

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