Recommendations on a legible script with an historical feel?

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The academic institution that I work for is looking to purchase an historical script. We've used 'Declaration' before with success, but have recently realized that our older readers/donors have a hard time with that typeface. We exclusively use it as an artistic element for quotes, etc., which is to say that it will never be used for body copy or even headlines. Any recommendations?

Thank you!

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Bickham Script is a cleaner script in a style similar to Declaration.

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Brian Willson's:

And of course P22.

Both have a line in "authentic" script revivals.

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Nick - thanks for showing that site, I was familiar with some of the faces - but never knew where they were from.

P22 is an excellent choice, so many good scripts.

I thought I'd throw in Ovidius. Whenever I have a project that calls for "historical" (though sometimes more like hysterical) I lean toward the Demibold

Just a thought....

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