FontLab: Closing contour problem + Auto merging shapes

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Dear all,

I'm a fresh FontLab (5.0.4 on Mac OS 10.4.11) user.
While drawing I've noticed 2 behaviours that don't suit me:

— Using the drawing tool, for sometimes, I couldn't directly close a shape. Instead of a small circle appearing next to the arrow when you meet the first point again, I had a “+” symbol. Now it's behaving the way I want (circle symbol) but I'd like to know how to switch this on/off if it comes back.

— Using the rectangle and/or ellipse tools, as soon as shapes overlap, an auto-merging occurs?!?

I've looked through the manual (mostly the preferences) and asked around, without any success. Help would be highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance, best, mc

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Hello mc,

If you don't want the auto-merging, use Ellipse and Rectangle from the Smart Shapes Palette.


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Dear Eigi,

Thanks for the tip but I'd like to understand what's going on with this auto-merging. I checked this on different computers around me at school, my FontLab (same version) is the only one doing it!?! Same with the close contour symbol…

Best, mc

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I was doing some computer cleaning and found this post, thought I'd give some feedback.
Note to anyone facing the same problems/behaviours, just wait and they will fix themselves. Sorry that I can't give a more precise explanation. I went through the preferences, asked my classmates but I never figured it out.

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