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Hello all.

Im currently working on a design for a website at work, and would like to incorprate a typeface, DIN Schrift 1451, as editable text. Obviously with the constraints of the web in terms of typography and various faces, we only have a select few to choose from, that we would say where 'safe' to use on both PC and Mac platforms.. we all know them and this isnt one of them!

Anway, I know that Typophile feature a new typeface every so often that is editable... for example the current face, Borges Titulo which can be selected and highlighted... Our studio web monkey believes that this is dynamic flash media placed within php content? Does anyone know if this is true... As this would allow me to progress with the design, in terms of what I can and cant do with my type on the site.

Thanks in advance...

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that this is dynamic flash media placed within php content?

Yep, it’s called sIFR.

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But don't think you can replace the whole text on your "php rendered as html" website. It's not made for copytext.

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Thanks for your comments.
It’s not made for copytext... I understand your point poms, I only really want to use it for headers and the like.

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