(x) 'Lily Allen' British GQ magazine cover slab serif - Soho {Akira}

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hi, new to this site, I really need to know what typeface was used for the recent issue of GQ with lily allen on the cover,
hopefully somebody here can help me, currently looking for an image to post up as a reference,

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Perhaps you mean Titling Gothic?

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similar to soho, ill get a visual reference, cheers

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heres a visual of the cover, the 'LILY ALLEN' typeface, thats what im after,

thanks again for any help,

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on closer inspection it looks pretty much like soho, thanks mate!

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I’ve had a look at the cover image now.

Yes, I too think it’s Soho.

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found it, Soho Pro Ultra Extended Ultra,

thanks for the advice.

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This might be of interest regarding Soho


or this post if you are looking for similar slabs like Stag, Popular, Enclave, Zine


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