40 mercer soho -- an emigre font? -- serif font with swirls

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hi everybody,

another easy one, or what appears to be easy, but hard for me.

i don't even know what you call this type of font, it is a serif font, with little swash ball terminals? is that the right way to describe it?

luckily, i can just show you. my guess is that it's an emigre font, but i could of course be very wrong!

thank you!

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I can’t see an image or link.

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hi jan, sorry for the delay, it wasn't giving me an error for some reason and wasn't uploading, so i resaved as jpg instead of png. thanks for your interest in my dilemma!

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My guess is that it’s custom. And I think it isn’t very well done.
Could be modified Modern Twenty.

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If you like ball terminals, see here.

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ooh, custom, you might be right! thank you jan for your recommendation

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