Happy Birthday Chris!

mili's picture

Many Happy returns to our favourite punster, Dezcom!

Hyvää syntymäpäivää!

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Happy Birthday Chris!!! ( At least - to be on time to one of these threads! )

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Oh It's Chris's birthday already? It's like he has one once a year, what's that all about?!

JK Happy Birthday Chris!

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Happy Birthday Chris!

dan_reynolds's picture

What would we do without you?

dezcom's picture

Thanks to all of you!

Mili, Now I know what phrase to use when I want to test my umlauted "a" glyph!

Thanks Eben, Andrew, and David--and to Carl for his well scripted turn of phrase :-)


dezcom's picture

What type do we have in the works there?


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I can't write in beautiful calligraphy or design a custom birthday typeface, but I can wish you all the happiness possible on his birthday and every other day. You are the best!

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Happy Birthday Chris!

Sharon Van Lieu's picture

I always look forward to your posts, Chris. You should have your own chair here...Professor of Typophile. Happy Birthday.


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You'll seen it soon enough, Chris! At least before your next birthday…

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kisses from Lauren and Ollie

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Happy Birthday Chris!

Thanks for your support and your excellent comments on Typophile.

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Happy Birthday!!!

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Happy Birfday, buddy! Hope it was great!!!

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Hey, didn't you just have a birthday? ;^) Happy Birthday Mr. Punster!!

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Happy Birthday

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Happy birthday. :)

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Here's hoping we'll see each other again at TypeCon this year.

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A very Happy B'day Mr. L!

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Happy happy joy-joy!

You light up my life Chris :-)

And so have a great birthday.

j a m e s

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As my father is fond of saying: Congratulations on another year of defying the laws of chance and probability.

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THANKS to all of you! You have made it a great day for me. You have made me go listen to my favorite Beatles song.


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Gasp! I'm late!

Happy Birthday, Chris!

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I thought your fave would be "Can't Buy Me Fonts" ;-)

Happy Birthday!

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Thanks Ricardo!


PS: Si, at a theater near you soon enough :-)

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Happy birthday!

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You're one of my favorite posters, Chris. Hope you've had a terrific day.

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Happy birthday, Chris!

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Better late than never -- a birthday poem....

When you get old
And get out of shape
Remember that plastic surgery
Can fix a lot of those problems.
Even baldness, if you like a goofy hairline.


Bald Condensed's picture

No solving the baldness, it's sexiness/coolness. ;^)

Happy belated birthday, Dez. :^)

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Happy belated, Chris!

Mark Simonson's picture

Better late than never...

Miss Tiffany's picture

(oooh. New script Mark?)

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Happy birthday, Chris!

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Happy Belated Birthday Chris!


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@Tiffany: Yup. I expect to release it very soon. :-)

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Oh dear! Late again! Buon Compleanno Chris!! We love you!

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"They say it was your Birthday, Dez."
"Whaaat? You say there's fuzz on my fez?"
"No... ya old fart. You're getting older!"
"Ya mean that young tart wants to sit on my shoulder?"
"No use trying if you just can't hear."
"Darn right you're going to buy me a beer... it was my Birthday, ya old coot."

Miss Tiffany's picture

Ehehehe! Nice one, Norbert!

marcox's picture

Happy happy, joy joy, Chris. Hope you had a great day.

Hiroshige's picture

Funny, Norbert!

Nick Job's picture

Sorry I'm late, sir.

Many happy returns.

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Belated felicitations, Chris! (Sorry, I've been traveling.) Hope you had a great one.

-- K.

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I don’t know how to thank you all for such a wonderful thread! This truly made my year special. You all are the greatest!!!
I should have birthdays more often if it brings out such wonderful works in progress such as Carl, Dan, William, and Mark have posted here. Great stuff!
James, my "lighting up" may be due to the reflection off my vacant dome bouncing across the globe :-)
Jackie, tell Lauren and Ollie I am flattered, even if I got itchy and scratchy due to cat allergy :-)
Thanks, poet laureate Linda, for your hairlines of verse--Yves knows where I am coming from on that one :-)
Hiroshige, yours takes the cake for biting sarcasm and Florian, that was just a scream! Chris Rugen gets the rimshot requested. Special thanks to my dear friend André who will soon have his sans released.
To that OTHER old Fart Norbert, I about blew a gasket after seeing your old codgerism cartoon, dude! (my wife wanted to know who the young tart was though).
Grazie, Lore and to Tiff, Patty, Haley, Sharon, and Tamye. Hi fivin Paul, Kent, Eben, Nick, Bill, David, Stuart, Alex, Thomas, James, Jelmar, Andrew, Marc, Don, Craig, JEdward, Simon, Si, and the Beatled Ricardo--and anyone I missed!!!
A special thank you to the wonderful Mili for starting this thread! xoxoxox

You have all made me happy!


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Ah Chris, that's so sweet. That is one of the nicest Thank Yous I've read in a long time...

Lauren & Ollie want you to know - you won't have an allergic reaction, though the two of them may look like cats to you - take a closer look at the picture - they are dogs. One is a Shih-tzu, the other a Bichon Frise. Both are known to be good breeds for folks that normally have allergies to animals....

Don't worry, Ollie won't lick you till you meet him at least 10 times....

dezcom's picture

"take a closer look at the picture - they are dogs"

My old eyes failed me again! Sorry for the mixup, Lauren & Ollie!


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