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What kind of degree is needed to get into a Type design company? I have my BFA in Visual Communications, specialization in Graphic Design but is that enough?

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Sarah. Others will hopefully respond, but in my opinion I don't think it necessarily ends with a degree. It might begin with a solid portfolio, but I think it also includes an internship at a foundry. Have you attempted to contact any type design studios in your area? Font Bureau is in Boston. They might use interns. I also know that at one time The Hoefler Foundry used interns, they are in New York City.

At an internship level they probably aren't looking at your lettering or type skills so much as your sincere desire to learn, and also your design portfolio. You might not get to design any type while on your internship, but you can see the inner-workings of a studio. Which in and of itself could be very useful. It would give you a good jumping off point as well.

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> so much as your sincere desire to learn

And your willingness to be a bezier monkey.


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bezier monkey


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Sorry, it's late and I just got back from a wedding.

Internships, or even entry-level design positions, at most design studios will depend slightly on your degree and examples in your portfolio but mostly on how you present yourself, as Tiffany says (kind of).

...although, the few times that I've been sent out to Senior shows to hire people, I was asked by the higher-ups to find people who did work that was exactly the kind of stuff we needed.

That company went under. Go figure.

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Sarah --

If you're serious about type design as a career, with a bona fide foundry and all -- as opposed to just hanging out with the rest of us posers here ;-) -- then I would echo what Tiffany said.

An internship would be a good way to get your foot in the door and some reputable experience under your belt. While you're still fresh out of college and able to move around and live off relatively little, that's the best time to take advantage of this sort of thing. Font Bureau does take interns; I think they usually recruit out of the classes at Yale or RISD, but I'm sure that's not a prerequisite. If you're serious, call them up and ask Harry if they have any openings and what they look for.

Jonathan Hoefler has been known to take interns -- just ask Jared. I think Bitstream might also, but that's just a guess. Then there's always P22; I think Richard Kegler welcomes interns occasionally, and he's a little closer to you, I think.

If you can get yourself over to TypeCon in Minneapolis next month, you can meet a lot of folks who do the type thing in all different ways and maybe get a better idea of what kind of approach might work best for you. I highly recommend it -- the registration fee can't be beat and a good time is always had by all.

-- Kent.

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> TypeCon

That's a great idea. Mingle with your potential peers, and you'll quickly get an idea if it's for you or not.


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but then what do i do...... staying in india and not having the money to cross even 1 it possible to all the great typographers here, atleast 1 to do some social work (help this poor girl out teaching her online some basic stuff or rather giving her guidence) i just love types, i can show you some work via the email(what's the email for+ biodata which includes loads of awards(not flaunting)just trying my level best to get a generous tutor. may be one day, one of you feel good about training a ambitious gal in the world of fonts, i will make India proud. and you will be behind it. please some one help me, may be you can give me some assignment for a start. wokay. waiting for someone to reply. will be glad.especially Hrant!! are you listening

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Ashwiny --

Perhaps you can seek out R. K. Joshi. He has taught at IDC/IIT there in Mumbai. I don't know if he is still there. His Raghu font of Devanagari was a winner in the ATypI Bukva:raz! competition last year. Mr. Joshi may be able to offer advice for you there in India.

-- K.

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dear kent
Thanks for the Valuable information. I know Mr Joshi personally, since i was interested in typography. he does not teach at IDC anymore. Infact my Creative director Mr vikram designed the microsoft Tamil font(one indian dialect)under his guidence, that was all. unfortunately we can no longer work under his guidence. he is extremely busy.;-( may be you can still help me.

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Ashwiny, I guess be happy for the internet, and Typophile! :-/ But of course there's no substitute for human contact.

I think next year's ATypI conference will be in Prague, which is relatively close to you. Prague is not an expensive city to visit, but the conference is pretty expensive... unless you're a student.

You can also look at the conferences of the Icograda organization. It's not directly related to type, but they tour all over the world, and have regional events too.


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