New Typeface for T-Shirt Series

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I am looking for a new typeface to use for an existing line of quote t-shirts...and I am having a hard time. It is simply a quote printed at approx. 60pt. type...two or three lines of text...on various colored t-shirts...usually a front print. The existing font that has been used is Book Antiqua bold. These shirts are sold in a family of nostalgic general stores. Here are some basic guidelines for what I am looking for:

Not too modern...or too cliché in terms of old-fashioned typefaces.

Something that wouldn't be completely inappropriate in an old general store.

Neutral enough to appeal to men, women, and children of all ages.

Easily distinguishable from previous typeface.

Easy to read from a distance.

Any suggestions? Thanks.

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Example of a quote please...

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It would help to get an idea of the 'tone-of-voice'.

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