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I accidentally posted in the wrong forum last time, but will try again here. Sorry in advance to anyone who sees this post in the critique section.

How’s it going everybody? I am Graphic Design student studying abroad in Stockholm. I am currently trying to research Swedish typography, but have run into a bit of a road block. I am curious if there is anyone out there who can give me names of great Swedish typographers? I am very interested in the old-style ornamental typography, but would love to hear of any great typographers or typesetters.

Does anyone know of any books that document Swedish typography? I read in a past post (was from 2005) that there was a beautiful illustrated book of Swedish typography. Does anyone know the name of this book, or any other books that I might be able to take a look at. For my purposes I am more interested in looking at previous examples rather than a how to book, but would appreciate any response.

Thanks much, and I hope to hear back from you guys soon.

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Have you tried Googling "Swedish Typography"? I found a few things there...

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I have definitely tried the google search. I found a few links, but no matter how far I looked, I couldn't find any good books or quality images. I have a few names, but was curious if anyone knew the masters of Swedish Typography.

Anders Bodebeck, Bo Berndal, Franko Luin, Lutz Baar, Lars Berquist, Karl-Erik Forsberg, Waldemar Zachrisson.

I have found all these names, but can only seem to find typefaces for sale by them. While it is great to see some of the fonts they have designed, I would really like to see some of their work.

Ideally I would like to find a book documenting the history of Swedish typography, but haven't found one. I also get lost once the websites switch to Swedish. I have only been here in Stockholm for a few weeks, so I don't speak the language yet.

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Hi Lucas,

Welcome to Sweden and Stockholm!

Is it typographic designers or type designers you are seeking information about?

I know a few people who has great knowledge in both matters. Maybe one of them might even answer right here in this thread?


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Yeah welcome, nice you found your way to Stockholm. I could give some advise but won't do it all here. Please get my contact info on my web site and give me a call when you have time. Please also contact a wonderful second hand book shop south of Stockholm. It's called "Antikvariat Morris" and the owner Glenn is a very nice fellow. Over the years he have specialised in Typography books, specimens etc. http://www.svaf.se/morris/index_eng.htm


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Thanks for responding. While i am interested in learning about both, I am more interested in the artwork created with Swedish typography. i.e. posters, signs, books, etc. I really enjoy the ornamental style fonts that I have seen in old Scandanavian artwork.

Learning about the people who actually design different typefaces would also be great, but I am hoping to find examples of Swedish typography used in artwork.


Thanks for responding. I will check out your website and will get into contact with you in the next few days. I will also check out "Antikvariat Morris" and hopefully I will be able to find something. My only mode of transportation is the tunnelbana or by bus, so I will have to research more about the store, and hopefully find a way down there.

Thanks again.
- Lucas

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Also get in touch with Peter Bruhn at Fountain Type Foundry, based in Malmö.

For books, I also suggest you do searches for Bodebeck, Forsberg, Zachrisson on abebooks.com, as they can find books all over the world relating to books, typography, and type, and the people behind them.

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thanks crossgrove, i'll check it out.

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