2 years on the road

gtrianta's picture celebrates 2 years on the road with two new fonts families (a total of 37 + 1 new fonts) and numerous minor (to major) design updates!

The first fonts family's name is "the ultimate dots pack" and I think it says it all ... 30 monospaced "dot" fonts in 6 alternates (round, square, diamond, plus, minus, vertical) and 2 styles (normal and unicase), together with 3 non-monospaced condensed variations (round, square, diamond). Most of the 30 monospaced fonts can be used interchangeably, since they share the same width, allowing you to create stunning layering effects. Check them out in the fonts section!

The second fonts family name is BPreplay and it's a redesign of Magenta's MgOpenModata. Small caps and old style numerals were added, while italics, bold and bold italics were designed from scratch (many thanks to Alexios Zavras for the technical review).

In addition, BPmono Bold is introduced, BPmono and BPmono Italics faced some glyph and hinting corrections (many thanks to Nick Tzanos for his help and suggestions) and, finally, BPneon faced some minor changes and corrections.


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Congratulations, George! and best wishes to you!


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