Gotham as body text

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I was wondering what the general consensus was on how Gotham performs in body text. I want use it for my portfolio but I'm not a big fan of geometric san serifs for use in body copy thus am not confidant in using it.

Alternatively I'm gonna use Akzidenz or Feijoa.

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>Alternatively I’m gonna use Akzidenz or Feijoa.
Hmm, three very different typefaces …
How do you come to this choice?

I would not use Gotham for copy text.

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AG, Gotham, NO. Feijoa, YES!

The sans faces you mention are general purpose and can be used for short bits of copy, not too small. Feijoa was built to be used at small sizes for long texts.

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Yeah figured that would be the reaction. Love gotham but overly geometric typefaces should stay out fo my body text.

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