(x) Sexy script used in Gil Elvgren book - Linoscript {Ken Messenger}

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hi everybody,

i haven't seen this font in too many other places, and i can't seem to find what it is called. don't really know how to describe it except to say that it seems like a sexy script font with curves but also some hard edges? (or do i just think it's sexy b/c it is used for this pin-up artist?)

anyway, any help is appreciated! thanks in advance!

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thank you ken!
wow it says it was designed in 1905 by morris fuller benton. i should know this font : )

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seems to be based on old french font from turn of the century....

A faithful reproduction of the common French Ronde of the nineteenth century; the design originates at the Inland Typefoundry in St. Louis as French Script and was revised by Morris Fuller Benton in 1905 and made popular by ATF under the name Typo Upright. Stephenson Blake also had a version available as Parisian Ronde.


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Yes there are a number of different takes on this script. I recall It had some relative popularity about a decade ago.

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