New antitrust investigations against Microsoft

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Brussels, 14th January 2008

"Antitrust: Commission initiates formal investigations against Microsoft in two cases of suspected abuse of dominant market position"

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"The European Commission has decided to initiate two formal antitrust investigations against Microsoft Corp concerning two separate categories of alleged infringements of EC Treaty rules on abuse of a dominant market position (Article 82). The first case where proceedings have been opened is in the field of interoperability in relation to a complaint by the European Committee for Interoperable Systems (ECIS). The second area where proceedings have been opened is in the field of tying of separate software products following inter alia a complaint by Opera." etc. etc.

For previous investigations see

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is this really type related?

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Fonts are software.
Bundling fonts with an operating system is quite similar to bundling a browser.
In both cases the dominant company provides an ancillary, lesser-valued product for free as an added value, because it facilitates the use of its major product. Meanwhile, there are small, independent companies whose sole business is the lesser-valued product, whose potential customers now don't need to buy that kind of product.

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On 27th February, 2008, Microsoft was fined again by the European Commission. In this new case, the sum of the fine was 899 million Euros, i.e. more than one billion Dollars, i.e. more than $ 1,000,000,000.

(For this sum, instead of buying Arial, Segoe and other ripoffs, you could buy a lot of original fonts, couldn't you?)

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