Letterpress printers & identifying my font

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Hello and good morning!

I am new to this board and have two questions.

First, I would like to find a high quality letterpress printer (affordable is good). I have been to two in NYC and am not particularly impressed. I am willing to deal with any US printer. suggestions eagerly accepted.

Second question. I used a font on my website: http://www.somefortheroad.com for the logo then switched computers. I can not figure out what font it was I used so if anyone has any idea, it would be appreciated if they could share it.

I hope you all have a great day and thanks!


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Please say more about your letterpress project. Like: what is it? Broadsheet, book, folder? How many colors? What size? What kind of stock? Folds? Will type be set on a computer and printed from plates? Or will you want to use metal type? etc, etc.

Then we'll be better able to help you out.

good luck.


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I can recommend my friends Peter Fraterdeus and Harold Kyle.

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I know an amazing letterpress shop in Toronto.


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Dickson's in Atlanta does letterpress and every conceivable printing technique you can imagine. http://www.dicksons.com

Where are you located? THere is bound to be someone near you.

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I heartily recommend Pinball Publishing:

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Thanks for the letterpress help. Here are details:

I live in NYC. It is a simple business card--one color max two color.

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FYI: Pinball publishing just told me they don't do letterpress.

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Mr. Fraterdeus will be a good choice, for sure.


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I have never wished for a major recession as much as I do now. And the withdrawal of discretionary income from the fray. Hopefully, it will clear out the lettepress wannabees, the letterpress wishabees, the letterpress awesomeabees, the letterpress "impression"ists and letterpress expressionists, the card and stationery newbies, the bullshit artists, the dumb ****, etc., and just leave it the hell alone.


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Golly. I wonder where I fit into that list, Mr. Bieler. Hopefully nowhere, since I have nothing to lose in a recession, and my press is being left the hell alone, in storage, until I can figure out the time and money to set it up and resume where I left off a few years ago, before kids and the move to the studio-less home.

Not sure what you're getting at with your comment, but let me take a stab at it...a saturated market full of mediocre printers? Or is it that you revere letterpress as something too precious for greeting cards and wedding invitations? I don't understand.

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