Help with a Typeface please!!??

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hi there, i am posting to ask if anyone knows what the typeface for Supremebeing Clothing is? i have been searching for days trying to find it, i have seen it used a number of times and would like to use it myself... if anyone could help i'd be very grateful.

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Avant Garde Gothic with Alternates.

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get the alternates here for example. ITC has another version, too, I think.

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Avant Garde is riding the crest of a big comeback, after being relegated to unusable stack because of its heavy use back in the day. Herb Lubalin designed it for use by Avant Garde magazine. Those alternates that Renko mentioned are crucial to making Avant Garde work, so make sure you license those as well.

Oh, and typically the Type ID boards on Typophile are a better spot for type ID requests.

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The ITC Avant Garde Pro version released by has all the alternates and ligatures, available for convenient use in Adobe applications.

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