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Well for starters - name's Danny. From England but living in Canada. Since moving here I bought a 1982 Chevy P/U short / step. The goal is to put a touch screen monitor into a custom dash and have a carputer. I'll be designing the program that integrates all the electronics together (satellite radio, GPS, DVD playback, etc)

I was browsing the web for Christmas presents and stumbled across this site. I really like the font they use in their logo (quite retro looking I thought) and would like to use it - or at least something very similar - for the main interface logo.

Any help identifying this font or alternative retro font sources (40s, 50s and 60s cinema type font in particular) would be greatly appreciated.



Before posting this thread - I read both your FAQs on Type IDing. I am not sure if I overlooked something but "!!! PLEASE READ THIS FIRST !!! Frequently Asked Questions" FAQ states:

Do I need to register to post a type ID request?
Not at all: this is a public posting area. If you are a “returning customer” it’s nicer if you register of course. What the heck, it’s free!

I was not able to post a thread to the forum without first registering. Just thought I would bring this to your attention.

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Do you all believe this font is something they have created for their specific logo? I had suspected as much since all my attempts to find something turned out negative. Thank you all for the suggestions on retro fonts - some of them actually look promising.


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