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Up for critique today we have Cataglott Sans, a sporty sans-serif with a geometric basis. This started as a logotype for a piece of athletic apparel, but I just couldn't stop and suddenly had an entire alpahbet. So then I decided to make two. And I would like to make a few more before all is said and done.

It's construction is largely mathematical, with the usual optical tweaks and ink traps at all the acute joins. I left most of the right angles alone.

Two weights for now, regular and bold, though I would like to add a light and all three obliques. Nobody has seen this yet besides me, so I'd love some feedback.

Word up!


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I like the design! Two comments: The middle stroke of the M doesn't need to come down so far, and the lowercase a bugs me: it's not immediately obvious to me what letter that is. Perhaps flipping and rotating it to match up with the alternate form of a lowercase a.

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lc e is too different from the others

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You think? The 'a' and 'e' are sort of reciprocated versions of each other, adjusted for weight and balance of course. True that the diagonal stroke does not make an appearance anywhere else in the lowercase alphabet, but I like the character that they provide... I've a few other versions of both of those characters that are more in-line with the rest of the system (think lowercase 's'), but they just seem too rigid and bland to me. I will post them soon so you can see.

I also think those particular characters seem to work well when they are in context. I will also post some specimens of the font in use so that you can see what I'm talking about.

I will definitely adjust the "M," I definitely deliberated on that stroke-length for some time.

Thanks for looking, and thanks for the feedback!

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Well, I like the a and e. But what's up with the high crossbar of the t?

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Thank's for pointing that out. I glanced at the letters if something stands out. It was "e". I didn't see the "a" because it's at the beginning of the line. So. Thank for teling me. I think both are too different.


"s" is completely wrong. they don't complement each other. And if you'd change "s" you'll find other letters that would need adjusting as well.


changing "a" and "e" to complement "s" would make it too boring and have-seen-it-too-many-times-before...

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