Reverse type ID: Clarendon spotting

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Looking at a brief sample of Clarendon LT Std Roman earlier (just the &!) I was pleased to be able to scratch that itch in my mind which said “I've seen that in something particular…”: Belle & Sebastian: The Boy with the Arab Strap (possible minor differences in weight aside — it's still a Clarendon and not Bold, Black, Heavy or Light)

There's another itch though: I have a feeling it's used in some (UK, I think) product or brand which I can't place. Ring any bells?

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Will think about that Clarendon LT Std Roman itch - on a semi-connected note, check out the branding of Bolton Council, by Hemisphere DMC, bringing Clarendon (with a slight modification to the l/c t) back to the public sector!

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I've got it!

It's Abel & Cole (the logo's one of the heavier weights). The itch said it was something, possibly food-y, with middle-class associations. It deserves a pat on the back.


Do feel free to chime in now with other spottings as you like :)

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I'm not sure but I think the Nasher Sculpture Center in Dallas might use it.

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Abel & Cole have a new logo already! Are they spying here I wonder ... ?

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