Bauhaus but not bauhaus

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so what do you say about this... don

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y v e s

you are wicked!

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Cennerik has some similarities, but the s is wrong, and this is actually a rounded typeface. But you might like it as a substitute if you can't find what you're really looking for.

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Looks like a somewhat bolder version of "Tsichold's 1929
experimental alphabet, which was influenced by Bayer's
single-alphabet. His design was never put into production.
Architype Tsichold is an exact rendering of his original
geometrically constructed design, and includes some of
his phonetic characters."

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What a bizarre question.

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Jack, you crack me up. =D

To my frustration, I don't know this one, this one nor
this one ...amongst others. I'm just a mere cog in this
wonderful machine.

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