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I created logo for my personal website and graphics services. Feedbacks are very welcome and appreciated.
sample 1
sample 2

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I would avoid the reflection. It's had it's 15 minutes. Also may want to reconsider stealing sheep. I like your attempt to combine the SU but it also seems a bit forced. Try to find something personal about your identity. Consider it a portfolio piece and avoid falling back on current fads.

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These are not memorable...

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I agree with Keena.

You'll either have to completely clean it up, or make it completely different. Just an idea. TipTop. To me that means sharp. You are in communication so having a tipped top in a logo would make sense. But I would make it very minimalistic... but please don't make a pencil out of it unless it's REALLY original.

of course just an idea.

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When I saw this, I wondered why the 'S' was being made the focus of the mark. I still can't figure it out.

- Lex

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do you need 'visual' in the name? 'tiptop' is fun on it's own. Visual doesn't seem to add a whole lot.

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Garbage -- i'm slightly concerned you're even offering 'creative' services if this is how you'd promote yourself.

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