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Hi everybody,

A friend of mine runs a art & technology convention in Cleveland called Notacon, and was looking for somebody who'd be interested in giving a talk about the basics of font design, the technical issues involved, and maybe give an overview of nifty OpenType features that people who aren't in the graphic design industry might not know about, but might find interesting.

I'm considering doing the talk myself, but I've never done anything like this before. If there's anybody out there who lives near Cleveland and is more comfortable with this sort of thing, the Notacon people would love to hear from you.

The con runs April 4-6, and you can see the call for proposals at http://www.notacon.org/cfp.html .

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You might have someone contact Brian Sooy (http://www.alteredego.com/) and see if he would be available and interested. He lives right there in Cleveland.

-- K.

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