Help with logo concepts please?

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Concepts for the Liberties Regeneration
That are taking place in Dublins heritage city center.
Would appreciate some feed back please.

new developments thanks for the help scraped concept 1 and 2
and simplified the third. some more feedback would be great

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2nd one reminds me of the Ubuntu logo.

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I think the fingerprints create an interesting an meaningful logo. Personally, I'm not crazy about the small caps in the text—much prefer the font used in the second logo.


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My 1st thought for the 2nd one was 'Ubuntu', as well. Hmm.

You could try to rotate / slightly modify the 'V' arrangement of the fingerprints to form a 'L' for Liberties.


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>>>You could try to rotate / slightly modify the ’V’ arrangement

I think the 'V' arrangement you mentioned is supposed to be a heart.
Although I like the idea of making the 'L' from the fingerprints

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