custom type "kontakt" by dstype / similar font needed

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i really, really like “kontakt” by dstype.
unfortunately it is a custom font and therefore not available for licensing.

who can help me: which fonts look very similar?


kontakt.png73.91 KB
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Hi Ulli,

I’d say Miller has a similar feel.

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Good call, Florian. I also see some Corporate A in there.

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H&FJ's Chronicle isn't too far off the mark.

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I have to agree with Florian. I would go for Miller.

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thank you for your answers.
right, “miller” is really close.

but i totally disagree with stephen, corporate occurs very different to me.
o.k. the line “DIE MÖGLICHKEIT” in dstype’s sample looks like it could be from a mercedes benz ad but “kontakt” has a more solid standing to me.

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I was referring to the light weight, yes. The long serif forms are similar.

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