Happy B-day Mr.Peters

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Congratulations to Yves (who happens to be born on the same day as Elvis – which explains Yves "special" dance moves) of his 39th birthday :-)

Late addition: Apparently on the same day as David Bowie too.

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So, does that prove that Yves is a rock star?

Happy birthday Yves!

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Happy birthday Yves :)

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Feliz aniversário Yves!

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Van harte gefeliciteerd, Mr. Unzipped!

. . .
Bert Vanderveen BNO

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誕生日おめでとうございます。(Tanjoubi omedeto gozaimasu)
Happy birthday, Yves!

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Hip hip Hurray my friend!

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39 again???

Happy Birthday Yves!

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Alles Gute zum Gepurzeltag, Master of Masters.

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39 again???

Yeah, that’s for the next 20 years …

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Happy Birthday, Jack Benny! :-)


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39 is a really popular year. ;-)

Cook up a storm, Yves!

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39 is a very good year, Yves... Happy birthday!


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Buon compleanno!

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Happy birthday, Yves!

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Yves Peters represents many things I would like to be (and I don't just mean a fine breakdancer). Very happiest day and year to you, pal!

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Thanks for all your contributions to typophile, and all the best for the coming year.

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Happy Birthday to you, Yves!
Ahhh-- to be 39, Bald and Condensed ;^)

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Happy Birthday, Yves!

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Happy Birthday, Yves. You are all so young!

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Another happiest Birthday — Alles, alles Gute — 'Mr. Type ID'. ;)
('You can't be me, cause I'm a rockstar.')


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A bit late, but happy rest of your birthday Yves. (it's 6pm here, so 7pm where you are.)

Nick Cooke

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Warm birthday greetings from the deserts of the American Southwest, Mr. Peters. Rock on!

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Happy Birthday Yves!


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Happy birthday, Yves!

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It's my fathers birthday as well today.

Happy birthday!

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Bravo Yves! Happy Birthday to you! =:o)

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Happy birthday!

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Hi all, thank you everyone for your birthday wishes! :^) And thank you Poppa Bear for initiating this thread.

Yeah, 39 -- it struck me that I'm older now than my parents were when I was a kid. 1969 was indeed a very good year. Like Serge Gainsbourg used to sing: "Soixante-neuf: année érotique..." ;^)

And Mili -- not really. This and this proves I'm a rock star. :^P

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Yves, happy birthday to a master of words and skins. Hope it's been a wonderful day. Much love to you.

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Bonne anniversaire, Mr. Peters! "you're just a BABY!" - This is what we who are 40+ are allowed to now say... Until such time as you choose to turn the corner to 40 yourself. ;)

I hope the year is special for you.

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grattis Yves, the disco Stu of Typophile!

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hope it was happy!

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OH! Happy Birthday ,Ylvis!
"Yeah, 39 — it struck me that I’m older now than my parents were when I was a kid. "
...and yvou are older than I ywas when I ywas a kid!

Cheers! (so yvear, I'm really gonna get'cha)

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In honor of the current type battle http://www.typophile.com/battle20 and Mr.Peters.

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Happy Birthday and virtual admiration!

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I am not worthy. :^D

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“Yeah, 39 — it struck me that I’m older now than my parents were when I was a kid. “

But Yves, I am your parents age now!


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Happy belated b-day Yves!

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Ietwat te laat; maar alsnog gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag, Yves. :)

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