looking for Lux by Erbar and Reform Grotesk by Stempel

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looking for digital versions of these two typefaces. not looking for something close, unless it's an exact replica.

We have original type samples from c1924

anyone have any ideas of where i can find these digitally to buy?

found the "new" distributors of the old Ludwig & Mayer here (scroll down to ludwig)


also found a great pdf resource on Stempel here (for those that read German) and noticed the reform on pg4


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Joe, did we go to school together?

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if this is tiffany wardle, then yes you actually tought my 210 class, or something like that.
looks like you're still into typography. nice.

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well, for those interested we got to the bottom of lux by erber. it's owned by a design/type house in the netherlands that has yet to produce it digitally. They were impressed by our type specimen books, but wanted lots of $$ to produce it digitally.
obviously akzidenz is a son of the reform by stempel, but the s in bold never ceases to impress, and i've not seen it elsewhere. erber grotesk, which was released with lux, is produced by linotype and more appropriately translated by hoefler in the form of verlag.

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Hi Joe,

Yes, this is Tiffany Wardle. Nice to see you, sort of, here on Typophile.

I'm not sure how they "own" the design. Isn't this out of copyright by now?

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Joe, out of interest who is the design/type house in the Netherlands that own Lux by Erbar?
(not sure how they can own it?)

Steve Jackson / Red Rooster have a cut of Phosphate which is part of the same Erbar/Lux family. Not sure if they ever made a cut of Lux, might be worth checking.

I'm not sure if Verlag is a translation of Erbar - they are similar - but that's about all. Do you mean inspiration for Verlag?

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