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Ok so after looking around on the web all day I have put together something totally different than the previous logo. Again please be brutal. I am a beginner so the more you tell me the more I learn. Mind you the "client" a startup that I am helping for free and knows that I am no graphics guru.

The one problem I am having and I hope you can also give feedback on is how these logos will look on things other than printing marketing material. ie. Company signage, website etc. And I am also not sure how you would put this on a business card which I am also in charge of.

You guys are great.....I appreciate all the help. I have been looking for a site with knowledgable people and am glad to finally find one.

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Hey Kristen, A brand is a symbolic representation of a company, product etc... So the first thing I would do is put up what EKT is!

My main advice to you is to begin with a sketch and don't start on the computer until your sure your ready with a solid idea! This is really hard some times and i should take my own advice... but i think this would improve your initial design!

As for the logo its self, it does seem very poor. As a design and a concept, but your only starting off so I wouldn't worry about it!... Look at your choice of type a little more carefully try to find fonts that aren't free!

If you like I could send you some good branding companies! if that would help!

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Thanks to everyone for your feedback. This may be something I need to outsource and just be done with it.

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don't use color, gradients, shadows, stretched type, etc for now. concentrate on the form and the concept. You'll often find you don't need the 'effects' after working on a good concept and form.

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I agree, the font you chose is just downright ugly. Even a logo design newbie (like me) can see that it's one of those free fonts you can download from virtually anywhere. Even the font you used in your earlier design looks much more professional than this one. If you're looking for sans serif fonts you may want to start [Bad link]. Or, if your budget is too tight, you may want to start with one of the fonts that came with your operating system (e.g. Helvetica, Lucida Grande, Verdana, ...). Good luck!

[Bad link]

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