Problems with Freehand MX / Font tools

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I created an entire font in Freehand MX, and when I finished it and tryed to paste the glyphs into Fontographer, it didn

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Hi Fernando, I am guessing one problem may be that Fontographer is too old to recognize MX files If you have Freehand v 5.5 this would not be an issue. An additional problem with Freehand is that MX will not export to 5.5, so perhaps you ned an intermediate version on Freehand to do this. Last release of fontographer was in th e 90's. Macromedia had the largest user base with Fontographer and for some reason decided to discontinue development which makes no sense to me. It must be run in OS 9 or below.
As for the problem with Fontlab. Well I don't know. What OS are you using and what version of Fontlab. Has yur Fontlab software crashed before, and if so re-instal from disc, assuming you have one.

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Ole, I`m using OSX Jaguar and Fontlab 4.5.
It's curious because I heard from other people that had the same problem with Freehand MX.
The solution I found up to now is to export the Freehand vectors to Illustrator 9 and then paste them into Fontlab.

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