BEGINNER trying to do logo for company

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I am very much a beginner at any graphics oriented stuff. I am trying to put together marketing material for a new company (logo, brochures, website) and am finding it much more difficult than I imagined. It all looks easy until you try to put one together. Also the foudner of the company is stuck on oranges and reds for everything. Please help me out. My logos have been all over the place adn when I found one I liked I realized it wasnt usable on colored backgrounds. Learning slowly. VERY SLOWLY! SO if its really horrible, just tell me its horrible.


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Keep in mind that you will need to make a black and white version for situations in which you can't use full color (for example, in a fax).

Also, it looks like you are using Arial... Please, don't use Arial. So many great san serifs out there! Also, pick a typeface that has a wider range of weights... The two weights you are using in "EKT Group" are not different enough from each other.

In the second example, the "M" overlapping the orange circle doesn't look very good, because it's just the tip... It looks like an unwanted accident. Consider aligning "Managing Success" in some other way, rather than centering it exactly the same as in the first example.

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I am working in Corel and there doesnt seem to be a Sans font. Any other suggestions for font?

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This is another one I did before, but kind of steered away from.

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Sans isn't the name of a font, it's a classification type in typography meaning a type without the small features called "serifs" at the end of strokes.

I use Corel and the font selection is based off of your regular library of fonts, so there should be more then one Sans.

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your logos are heavy on style effects and low on concept. It's easy to fall into the trap of adding a few photoshop filters here and trendy widget there.

I'd step back a bit and work conceptually for a while. Sketch out some matter how crazy you might think they are, and then look at them and see if if an idea begins to sprout.

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Educate yourself and then practice with pencil and paper. You might not have the time to do it for this project (in which case you should admit that to your boss and tell them to find a graphic designer) but practice is the only way you will learn.

Illustration ClassNumerous tutorials on illustration as well as logo/type.
Creative Latitude look for the Graphic Makeovers section.


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Thank you for all of your feedback. I will look into the turtorials listed and start over.

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Also I am downloading some sans fonts. Are there any in particular you recommend for logo use?

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If you're downloading free fonts, they are (probably) not well made. There are a million sans out there, ten million ways to use them well, and ten billion ways to use them poorly. I think that you need to educate yourself and your employer here, because there's not much we can do to help you without doing the work for you. There's a reason that it is a professional skill. It's hard. It takes practice and education and sacrifice. If you had more experience, I'd be more encouraging. But I strongly suggest you hire a professional.

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