What are the most luxurious and elegant fonts ever created?

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Is there any type of consensus as to the most classically elegant and luxurious fonts created?

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Consensus, no. But look at the Luxury collection from House Industries.


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Something proprietary, for surely it is a luxury to have one's own exclusive typeface when the masses have to make do with retail.

And it would have had to be used only for expensive, limited edition publications.

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Yeah... and Enshede's www.teff.nl


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Or just about anything DTL


gotta be muy rico to afford that!

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>Is there any type of consensus

The answer to that would be no--on almost every topic, including type. However, judging by revivals, the variations on Garamond seem to be the most numerous. Other names that have become classics or standards that are still used widely: Jenson, Griffo (Bembo), Caslon, Baskerville, Didot, Bodoni.

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In digital type H&FJ Requiem comes close for elegance, and H&FJ Didot for luxury.

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If ‘luxury’ is something ostentatious, opulent and lavish; a disproportionate expense that is made just for fun & pomp – then I don’t agree that TEFF & DTL are luxurious. Well, their pricing is quite high and thus their fonts sometimes seem to be unattainable; but ‘expensive’ is not the same as ‘luxurious’, is it?

Go to a Dutch bookstore and sift through a couple of books (or news papers!) … do you really think all of them that are set in Lexicon or Haarlemmer convey a touch of luxury?

If you meant purchasing the TEFF library and then not using it (“only to look at”), then I have to agree; that would be very luxurious!

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When I think of the terms "type" and "luxurious," I always have a picture in my mind of large, flourished, swashes, handmade strokes, something like Scriptina or Zapfino Extra, something of the sort..... don't really know why, just my crazy associations :-)

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Zapfino Extra Pro Contextual

Bickham Script Pro

Sloop, maybe?

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I have to agree with Nick—real luxury doesn’t come in a prefab package.

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Style, class, elegance.
The type on this package:

Context is obviously of the essence.

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