Font Advice Sought!!

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Hey Guys,

Looking for a new font with the following specs to use for a Cleint logotype:

The specs are as follows:

a) Must be a lowercase sans-serif font
b) contemporary
c) similar in look to Frutiger font
d) some distinctive element (maybe in the ascenders/descenders etc)

Any help??

I guess as a designer i have exhausted my ability to look at fonts as for the past 4 days i have been going through FontFont,Emigre,Adobe and Linotype i a bit saturated..
I was thinking dax or interstate but have overused those altogether so quite keen on something new!

seeming you all are so good with your opinions and feedback was hoping maybe some of you could make suggestions to fonts for this purpose

Links to samples and sites for purchase also appreciarted!!



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Have a look for example at FTN Stalemate by Stefan Hattenbach. Or Lisboa by Ricardo Santos. Great italic characters, love’em.

EDIT: Don't forget Nubian by Nick Cooke. Also his Houschka-Family is worth a look … Oh, and, yes, Sansa by Fred Smeijers is great, too.

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Hey Robby, I love Gotham or maybe even Neutraface NO.2 I say you know these and to be honest they're just some of my favourites at the moment!

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Luc's CorpId was created as a Frutiger alternative... might be worth a look.

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Duplicate thread. Please post any further responses in this discussion.

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