Helvetica and Garamond

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Helvetica sub heads with Garamond body copy. This debate is getting pretty heated in our studio. I personally feel they work well together or are the aesthetics of each too different to work in harmony?

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>work in harmony
Both (btw. which of those Garamonds?) differ in x-height, construction principles of the glyphs, dynamic vs. static appearance, etc. To prove that try to put them together in one line of text and look at the result – it doesn't feel right in my opinion. But if there is enough space between them, difference in size and weight, etc. then the combination could work.

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I agree with poms - I personally think it looks weird, but these things are a matter of taste. If you like it, then use it :-)

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Why not?

It's just that every combination of typefaces has its own aesthetics and to get the intended feel you need to mix a proper pair. And, of course, some combinations do not work, and some work only in certain contexts.

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