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I'm starting a new company for illustrations and design. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I welcome sketches as well.

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I really like the logo (on the left)!
I think the "ASITIS" is taking away from it - try making it not italics and something more bland.


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I concure.

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Me too.
It is nice, but too many things going on.
You have to seek more integration between the mark and the logotype.

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Tell us about the name and what makes your company unique. As your logo looks now, it could be gerneric, there is no focus.

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If I had a great name such as you have I would not opt for a phony business name, especially for illustrations and design. You want to be taken seriously and there's nothing more convincing than having your God-given name identify you and your work. Furthermore, you don't need a logo that could paint you in a corner some day. Some really impeccable typography will do it so much better for you. For a test, set Adam Stevenson in a number of ITC faces you have on your computer and experiment with escapement between characters to make it as readable as you can get it, and then ask anybody which version they prefer, the simple typographic solution or the logo you posted above.

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ITC is for the undead, my friend.


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hhp -- for someone who goes back to the days of metal type, I'll take that as a compliment :^)

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I read your logotype as 'asitis' (pronounced 'as-eye-tis'), which sounds like an inflammation to me, rather than 'As It Is', which is what I presume you actually want it to read as.

If you want it to read as three words, I'd emphasize that more in your logotype.

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