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Hello again

Thanks for the input before, http://typophile.com/node/40047, i thought I'd make a new thread to get it noticed.

I have modified it and I would like to know what you all think. Legibility and the 'colour' are of importance, I don't want some looking too dark.

There will be no lowercase as this typeface is intended for use on the back of football shirts.

I look forward to hearing from you.


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I just took a gander at the previous post, there are definitely some very nice improvements with this set.

Are you planning to keep all the fonts the same weight or do a bolder version also?
I'd be interested to see what the LJ combination looks like now with the tighter spacing.

Some nit-picky things to consider:
I think the W needs to be slightly wider (maybe 1.5 times the width of the X) and the M strokes seem thin compared to the N (consider pulling the inside points down to thicken the M a little more). At least from a distance the M needs to be meatier.

You might want to consider closing the bowls of the 6 and 9, or at least one of them. The top tip of the 1 seems slightly over pronounced, could you curl it back like the U? The 8 seems squooshed on the bottom (is it as long as the 0?). Finally, the 4 still seems narrow, it's definitely the curve of the stroke. Have you consider opening the top more, like this: http://flickr.com/photos/rehvonwald/361027843/

There are my opinions, take them for what their worth. Either way, you have a nice looking font on your hands and will look awesome on a jersey. I love that R! This font definitely has character.

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The sheared or diagonal ends of H, I, J, K, L, and especially Y need some overshoot, as they don't appear to quite reach the cap height. You've already applied it appropriately to N and U, so make it match those.

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Right, thanks for the advice, I have altered it, check out the new file - untitled-5!

The LJ combination doesn't look very good, especially since its got the U following it too! This could cause problems, any ideas?

I've decided to leave the K hanging below the cap line, I think it looks more balanced.

How does the 4 and 8 look now?

Also, I thought it best to keep the 6 and 9 as they are, but the 6 is beginning to bug me so I may close it up.

Apart from that I'm very happy with it.

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Tom: I started a new thread only to attach my suggestions PDF, I'm not attempting to hijack your font or anything alike that.

And I mean no disrespect to your lovely letters, I just thought it be easier to illustrate my suggestions by modifying your existing PDF letters. I made adjustments to the L,J,1,4 and 6. Take them with a grain of salt. The spacing isn't adjusted properly to reflect my changes.

While making these changes I realized that the LJ combo might actually be First Initial Last Name. In which there would should be more space between the LJ, which would break up the forming "U". I can't think of any other times LJ are side by side that you might encounter, but I could be wrong.

I hope you find my suggestions helpful. This is really turning into a nice font.

The PDF can be found here: http://typophile.com/node/40559

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Hello, I know your not attempting to 'hijack' it, it's weird somebody messing with it though, weird in a good way I suppose!

Thanks for the suggestions, the LJ combination is in fact actually the beginning of a last name, it is Swedish.

The L you have drawn is pretty similar to the L I had originally designed, before I decided to alter most of the characters to make it more south Asian. You can see it here... http://typophile.com/node/39440.

That a good suggestion for the 6, I'd feel like a cheat if I used that now!

I think I'm just going to keep the L and J as they are.

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Oh I didn't see that post. Interesting.

And remember: Good designers borrow, Great designers steal! Feel free to steal any of my suggestions/ideas. Ultimately you'll be the one getting all the credit, I'll be happy to know I've helped even if in a small capacity.

I didn't try a combination of my J with your L, give that one a gander and see if that might sway you more. Anything to help break up that "U" that's forming. I actually felt kinda bad straightening your L out, the curves in your letters make the font unique. Straightening the L just made it seem less unique.

What about the 1 and 4? I didn't do much with the 4, just extended it slightly more to the left, so the entire shape was maintained. The 1 however, I mimicked the curve of the U more.

I know you weren't planning to do any lowercase, but how bout punctuation? I'd like to see what you do with the @, ?, and & symbols.

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I don't think the LJ looks bad at all, actually, but if you want to try another way to break it up, you could make the J descending.

I think Andrew's suggestions for 1 and 4 are necessary improvements. I would also suggest lengthening the top of the 7. You should want to avoid 1/7 confusion by all means possible.

Otherwise, I think you're done. Good show!

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