Light, Casual Script

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I am on the lookout for a light, casual, feminine script. No crazy ascenders or descenders, flourishes or embellishments. Little to no slant. Perhaps with a handwritten, or even retro quality. Any ideas?

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Mark Simonson's Coquette might fit the bill.

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Hi Julia
Not sure what you are looking for exactly (the other suggestions here are different). But these might help...
Humana Family
Present which also has a condensed version.

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You might like something from the Charles Bluemleim collection.

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Yes! The Charles Bluemleim collection I like. I have been a fan of Mrs. Blackfort for a while, but didn't know the designer. Lovely. Thanks for your help, everybody.

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Font Bros has quite a few lovely, casual scripts.

For example:
Confection from Blue Vinyl
Espangles from Harold's Fonts
Justine from Outside-the-Line

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My favorite simple, feminine handwriter: MVB Calliope

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