Type trends and predictions for 2008!

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OK, we have been through 2 whole days of the new year. That should be long enough for us to spot the years trends and make predictions!

1. "Helvetica" the film will get an Academy award;

2. Meta Serif will become the most used new typeface of the year;

3. Microsoft will debut a new multi-language typeface for screen/web use and bundle it with Office.

4. A typography "Hall of Fame" will open in the Netherlands (the first inductee will be "Mr. 'T' but TO will be rejected due to excessive celebrations);

5. Apple will FINALLY release an opentype friendly OS;

6. Adobe will release a new typeface designed by Miguel Sousa;

7. The Consortium will finally figure out a way to get kerning to work on screen.

Feel free to add or detract,


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Hoefler & Frere-Jones run for President & Veep on the Typography Party ticket, and win big, mainly because their yard signs are so elegant, and despite the fact that they said, "We'll come up with a platform later."

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Thanks for the information, Chris.

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Easier methods will be developed for using alternate typefaces online.
Embedding typefaces in web pages, etc.
Without having to learning a degrees worth of code!

That would be nice.

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5. Apple will FINALLY release an opentype friendly OS;

a bit too optimistic here, Chris. :^p save this one for 2012

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> “We’ll come up with a platform later.”

You mean the other guys (and gal) already have one? Who knew?

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1.1 Gary announces that filming of Helvetica 2 will start later this year. With the success of the first movie real actors will be hired. Johnny Depp will play the part of Neville Brody, Jürgen Prochnow will play the part of Erik Spiekermann and Univers will play the part of Helvetica.

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"Univers will play the part of Helvetica."

LOL!!! I knew I could count on you, Si! :-)


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"a bit too optimistic here, Chris. :^p save this one for 2012"

Perhaps, in the year 2525 :-)


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bigger will be discovered to be better.


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It seems you have been getting the same barage of spam emails as the rest of us :-)


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Hrant returns to Typophile and converts Miss Giggles to absolute monarchy. Miss G. is so eloquent in its defense that a small Pacific island, with one typophiler, recruits her as Queen. Shortly thereafter, she declares war against Canada, because it booted Typophile off the internet. Hrant tried to tell her that was Typographi.ca, and it's all OK now, but it's too late. Japan says the island, hitherto unknown, actually belongs to it, and that Miss G is not Queen. China responds that it belongs to them, and the whole thing spins out of control and threatens to create WW III.

Also a young intern snaps her underwear at a randy President. She blabs to her friends, and it gets in the press, and the whole thing spins out of control. His as a result the Vice President fails to be elected, and a dunce is elected instead--who goes to war with the wrong country.

Oops that already happened.

And you thought I was making this up :)

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1) Unicase fonts will begin to supplant capitals and lower case in mastheads and headline applications.

2) A renewed surge of type-related buzz-words and cliches will arise. (Perfect surge of cliches mars 2007.)

3) The number of female Typophile members will increase. New and long-standing members will post more threads about "Why so few women in type?"

4) Microsoft will release a version of Office apps even more inept than Office 2007.

5) The Consortium will come to the Typophile table to find out what's wrong with CSS and how to fix it.

6) The much-anticipated Dezcom faces will be released to frenzied cries of "Mister Lozos, what a liberty!"

7) Typographic wallpaper will become a massive trend on interior walls everywhere.

8) There shall be great rubbing together of sidebearings.

9) Yae verily, a type designer shall lose a fellow type designer's calibration hammer (put there only just the night before, about eight o'clock).

10) Coffee. Coffee, coffee, coffee. A new kind of accent shall appear---the coffee bean accent. A cuppy of cafe for every fontlover.


j a m e s

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8) There shall be great rubbing together of sidebearings.

Eew gross!

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Gary Hustwit will begin work on "Times New Roman," a new documentary film, and David Carson will design the film's poster using Garamond.

Neville Brody will wear his hair long once again and relocate to the Kingdom of Awesome, just to please Haley.

Shop owners everywhere will fix up the myriad (no pun intended) straight apostrophes that plague their store signs and banners.

Microsoft will include a Halloween font, Tragic Sans, as part of their next Windows upgrade.

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The revival of ITC Machine.

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An addendum to Ricardo's: Confusion will still reign about whether or not apostrophes should have been on the shop signs to begin with.

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Adobe will announce later in the year that it has developed a new web style sheet standard that will be fully supported by Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari by the end of the decade. (Opera will not offer support for this standard.) Also as part of this announcement is news that this new style sheet standard will be integrated into all Adobe CS4 products to allow export of XML based PDFs by the end of the decade. Deciding not to call this project the Adobe Style Sheet due to the resulting acronym, it will be called Niagara.

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hmmmm, sounds like Gary will be busy this year!!!

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I'm hoping that 2008 is the year photoshop filtering of type is going to come back. Also that Apple will release a italic version of Chicago.

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the year photoshop filtering of type is going to come back

And along those lines, companies will stop revamping their logos by adding 3D effects. :-D

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So no more gradients and I can use lens flares everywhere. Everyone wins!

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 A Google search will actually turn up a "Tragic Sans". ☺ ☹ ☺ ☹ ☺ 

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I wonder if there is a 3-monkey sans as well :-)


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Actually, I kinda like Tragic Sans.

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Chuffing will become the biggest pastime of typophiles :-)


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My three year old daughter just learned how to read, by next year she will also learn to write and even to code CSS. Kids will also in 2008 be truly amazing, altough they do take all the time in the world.

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A Google search will actually turn up a “Tragic Sans”.

I found it, Joel! I like that it is based on Comic Sans... Great minds think alike. ;-D

Chuffing will become the biggest pastime of typophiles

What in chuff's name are you talking about, Chris? ;-)

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