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Happy new year and Hi everybody!

I'm working on my personal type foundry Logo. My foundry is called typesuisse, but I'll keep the .ch in the logo, because the whole thing is based as a website. I did a few sketches and I came up with this Idea.

I started with the Letter T and combined it with a (swiss) cross. The cross T monogram will be used as Icon. Then I continued with the rest of the letters, trying to keep the thickness of the Monogram. As you can see, I got two different version. A has the simple shape of the grid I used and in B I tried to change the letter E and S, so it looks not like a laying capitol M and N.

I would appreciate if you could give me feedback.


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I definitely am drawn to Option B more, because it seems to look more locked into its own space, whereas Option A feels more like a quick sketch that could slide around, if that makes sense. I don't know if the T feels totally integrated yet, just because I don't see the relationship of that curve to anything else in the word.

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Christian, i like where this is going.

some thoughts:

it seems like there's a square dynamic competing with a diagonal dynamic.

the y-p are basic square forms — is it possible to make them match the E-S a bit more?

maybe the y and p are okay, but the 't' doesn't fit in (rounded connector between horiz. and vertical stem)
did you try the swiss cross by itself?

also, the crossbar on the 't' feels too thick, and heavy on the left.

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I think the first version will work more successfully at small sizes. Whereas the second, specifically the S shapes and the serifs, will become too small a detail and too thin at small sizes. The SS pair seems too loose to me. I'd be curious about BJ's comments, but wonder if, again, to get them to be square the S becomes too thin?

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Thanks for the reply!

Here is another option, with the swiss cross as you mentioned bjharvey and the Y & P with diagonals.

And another option with different S's and tighter kerning

Fischers Fritz fischt frische Fische, frische Fische fischt Fischers Fritz.

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You'll have to be careful with the Y not to look as a V. I was also thinking of the swiss cross to use instead of a full T, but I was thinking of it to lift it up to line it up as if it was a T (just as if you would remove the bottom curve from the T and leave the cross lifted).

Otherwise I'm leaning more toward C version compared to A nd D. You could also give some stem slant on letter "c" in CH. And maybe even on the right side of U but with backward slant to close it a bit and make it a bit less squarish and rigid.

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I like the concept a lot. As soon as I saw the "t" I said, "Hey, it's the Swiss cross!" haha

I'm still undecided which version I like the best. But with versions B & C, the E's looks somewhat like the Greek sigma, so I started seeing Greek characters, which are obviously not Swiss-like.

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I'm liking D due to the slightly more contrast between the S and E. I agree about the curve on the 't' though...it doesn't quite blend with the rest. Can you get away with using a sharp corner on the 't' as well?

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here is an update with the cross lined up to the top and more black space (contrast). Thanx for all your input, I might have to rethink the lettershapes afterall, esspecially «S» and «E».

I will leave this concept for a while and start to come up with more ideas. I'm not happy with it yet. If you have some ideas feel free to tell me.

Fischers Fritz fischt frische Fische, frische Fische fischt Fischers Fritz

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The 'Y' in C and E is distracting to me. D seems most natural, I like it very much.

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F and G versions have too thin strokes. The cross now looks like a plus and doesn't associate with switzerland anymore. I'd only the y in the E version and stop.

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Sorry litera, what would you do with the Y? I don't get the last sentence of yours.


Fischers Fritz fischt frische Fische, frische Fische fischt Fischers Fritz.

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I'm sorry for typing to fast... I meant I'd only change the Y in the e version of your logo and call it quits... with BW version at least. And start on colours...

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