13th and 14th century manuscripts

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I am currently the Artist in Residence at the University of Wisconsin Stout within their Graphic Design department with a focus on typography. More specifically the handwritten alphabet and it's effect upon typographic construction. I am traveling to Madrid Spain to do research on 13th and 14th century calligraphic manuscripts at the Spanish National library over the holidays. If anyone has any leads on information pertaining to this topic it would be appreciated.

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a couple centuries late - but the 17th century manuscript 'Miracles of Mary" produced at a single scriptorium in Gondar, Ethiopia, is on display in Chicago. A page is turned every 2 weeks for viewing. Not sure if you can really study the rotation online. But the site is www.artic.edu

The sheets supposedely still have the scored lines that guided the calligrapher in aligning text - could be intersting.

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Wow. Do you need a personal assistant??


Seriously. One place I like to look for starter
information on all things manuscript is
Georgetown University. They have an amazing
search engine that spreads out all over the internet.

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