Quick font previewing

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I was wondering if anyone has a trick to preview fonts quickly or knows some kind of software that does that?

I'm on PC, I currently use Adobe Type Manager but everytime I want to see a sample of a font, I have to click and it loads in a different window each time. I've tried a few sharewares I found on cnet and they have a split screen where you see the sample next to your font list, you can also compare 2 fonts, etc. The problem is they can never can remember all the fonts on my HD.

Any suggestions?

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I'd say Extensis Suitcase is the thing you need.

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Hey that's weird, I was always left with the impression that Suitcase and VersionTracker were both exclusive to MacIntosh. I tried a few of the shareware for "font previee" on www.download.com (cnet) but luckily the ones on versiontracker aren't the same. Hopefully I'll get better luck this time =)


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Hello Emilie -- My suggestion would be to search at Version Tracker and use the keywords font preview


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