The Vastness of Typophile

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Until recently I hadn't really thought much about how large our "little" community was.

I recently joined both the Facebook group and the Flickr group. The first of which has about 240 members (at the time of this post) and the other 516 (also at posting time.)

It raised a small question in my mind... Just how big is Typophile?!

Anyone know or want to give your guesstimate? Should Typophile have a resolution to expand (or contract?) By the way, I don't have any control over anything Typophile does, I just thought it would be an interesting question.

This is shameless, but feel free to add me as a Facebook friend

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one would presume 25,000+ users


the 25,000th user registered a few weeks ago.

congrats John Schuster :)

and congrats Typophile!

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Just how big is Typophile?!

"Thanks isn't a big enough word"---Sharon Van Lieu

What about our readers? How many read Typophile?

To measure Typophile by its other axes:

1) How "inconcievably cool" is Typophile?
2) How credible is Typophile?
3) How remarkably civilized is Typophile?
4) How far has Typophile come?
5) How "immensely clever" is Typophile?
6) How much thwacking good fun is Typophile?
7) What feature do you "most like" about Typophile?
8) How many Typophiles own a cat?

"m e w"  j a m e s

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8) jointly? That's odd.


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9) If you were going out with Neville Brody's hair to the cinefont-o-theque to see Cedillas in the Mist: the Dianne Fussy Story, which "interesting and talkative" typophile would you "most like" to go along with you?
10) What's yellow and smells like bananas? -- Monkey vomit.

j a m e s

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10) What’s yellow and smells like bananas? — Monkey vomit.

Also Ricardo's vomit. Happy New Year! :-D

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I didn't know we had facebook and flickr groups! I'm going to join right now.

Also *dreamy sigh*

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Haley I got your Facebook message and added you as a friend. That thing is a still something of a mystery to me. Linda says she's old enuff to be your mum.

Neville's lush hair; look at that widow's peak! Groovy.

j a m e s

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Linda says she’s old enuff to be your mum.

Haha. It's probably true. Isn't my inexperienced naiveness charming?!

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I didn't know about these 2 groups either, but I am wary of joining social networking sites... Look up the recent news stories on Facebook's Beacon feature, for example.

If you watch the Helvetica DVD, you will see that Neville Brody wears his hair a lot shorter these days!

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Isn’t my inexperienced naiveness charming?!


Ricardo, that pic of Neville Brody here looks very Pearl Jam early-to-mid-1990's era. He looks like a grunge band drummer. Thanks for the tip on Facebook, I'll read up on that Beacon thing.

j a m e s

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Typophile on Facebook?

My daily procrastination fodder is streamlined!

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Anyone care to join my club for non-facebooking typophiles?

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frode frank,

I'm with you on the non-facebooking typophiles!

António Fonseca

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I checked out Facebook over the last 48 hours. Not impressed.

j a m e s

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Anyone care to join my club for non-facebooking typophiles?

Aren't we currently using the non-facebook version already?

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I know what a book face is, but what exactly is a face book? A specimen? ;°)

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what exactly is a face book?
If I had to wager a guess, I'd say it's loosely based off of "yearbook", since the site was originally built for students still in school.

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I'd rather go for quality over quantity if you're talking about numbers and totals.

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I mostly use facebook for keeping track of friends and organizing get-togethers. Much easier than email.

I hate how ever single person I went to high school with added me though.

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But Haley, I didn't go to high school with you :-)


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I just checked and I only have 5 friends from typophile on facebook!

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This is shameless, but feel free to add me as a Facebook friend

I'm accepting, if you're looking to expand your typophile-facebook quota.

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If this site gets any vaster, we will have to rename it typopile.

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Better than Gomer Pyle :-)


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This is shameless, but feel free to add me as a Facebook friend.
This is shameless too, but I couldn't find you on the Facebook.

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I'm in the Typophile group; Andrew Sipe

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Asvetic said... Aren’t we currently using the non-facebook version already?


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OMG, I just say Haley's Facebook picture. I feel so old now! Wait, that's because I *am* old! :)

I went through all the 250-odd Facebook Typophile members and weirdly Haley's was the only name I recognized who wasn't already a "friend" on Facebook.

Of course, lots of people use pseudonyms on Typophile, so I imagine it's just that I don't connect those names to their Facebook names....



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You don't know from old, yet :-)


edited so that it came after Thomas's edited post :-)

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Those are registered users (obviously). Since anybody can read the site it creates an environment where only people who post create accounts. The number of readers is much larger than 25,000 but it's also true that there are likely to be a percentage of duplicate, old and unused accounts in the registered users pool.

If we applied the 80/20 rule here would suggest that 20% of the people post 80% of the content and the rest of the traffic is from unregistered users. That is in line with past numbers, but we haven't run the site metrics for a while.

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i think we should approach this on a more philosophical way, i mean, you see great things happen from small groups of people counted on one hands fingers, i believe typophile is as big as the level of knowledge of the individuals = essence it is based upon, on the subject of typography and design, i believe that this group is built of the most hardcore typographical shaped individuals in the world. congratulations to Typophile members

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Here's another "much smaller" group that I forgot about:

It's only about 50 strong... but with all music Typophiles love (see: I can't imagine this group staying small for long.

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