Here Comes 2008

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Happy New Year's everybody! Hope everyone has a safe and fun evening. May all your resolutions (72 dpi or higher) become successes.

I'm going to try to be nicer to strangers, eat healthier (i.e. less fast food!), get my debts under control, learn to select type with verve, embrace color instead of hiding from it, and just be a better person/designer in general.

I'd like to hear what your resolutions are (or aren't). Hopefully, they'll be inspirations for all of us.

May 2008 bring us all greatness.

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•Graduate from design school.
•Get back under 12% body fat.
•Find a design job where I’m not working for people who are completely clueless, but without caving in and taking a job in advertising or PR.
•Do a revival of a Fry’s Baskerville for sizes 36 points and up.

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What a silly place to post an oath...

Nevertheless, I've been smoking tobacco since age 14. In 24 years of smoking, on average, a conservative guess of 3 cigarettes per day (handrolled for the past 10 years), I have smoked roughly 25,000 cigarettes. That's a lot of carcinogens. So here it goes, the grand daddy of New Year's Resolutions: I am going to quit tobacco.

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In 2008, I will actually finish a font.

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1. Work on learning a second language
2. Best my wife at Wii boxing at least once

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Happy new year!
I will ski and climb more.

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yeah - happy new years.

you're right Koppa... but when has that stopped me before.

Hmm, Gonna get my portfolio(s) in order,
resume freelancing,
Like jongseong, finish a font,
& actually refer back to to-do lists after making them.


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Happy New Year!! everyone.

In 2008, I shall save the World from itself - one graphic at a time.

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Goals for 2008: get more stuff published, do more sailboat racing and move to Europe.

My pretend new years resolutions include prefect time travel, join the women's PGA tour, and meet the chairman from Iron Chef.

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2008 is one of those typographically awkward years, at least in terms of oldstyle numerals. Those three short numerals and one tall one will be bothering me all year.

Consider that the proportions of oldstyle numerals developed during the long period after the 13th century and before the 21st in which almost all years looked nicely weighted with either an ascending or descending second numeral. For the next 292 years we're stuck with occasional ugly number sequences.

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Wish you all a grea8 year ahead.
Ok, I will be writing all my lc g's like '8' this year :)

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typographically awkward

Pretty much every 10 years.


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Pretty much every 10 years.

Once one starts getting ascending or descending numerals in the third position things look better. So 2018 and 2028 are kind of unattractive, but 2038, 2048, and so on are much improved.

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maybe this millennium needs to be set in 'title case'. :¬)


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Now that's cute, Chris. :-)


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In 2008 I am going to get a degree... yahoo oh and win an all-ireland doesn't really apply to typophile but what the hell we're all sharing!

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I'll get a degree too. Your degree to be precise!!! Muahaha

and win the lotto

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you should try identify a font in the new year... i believe in you!

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2008 is one of those typographically awkward years, at least in terms of oldstyle numerals.

Looks a bit like an odometer turning, doesn't it!

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Finish that very sooon (among other things, so Grant aka veer won't kick my ass :^) )

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Thats really pretty David.

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Thanks Haley.

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Thanks, Sharon!


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Happy New Year Everyone :)


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Just think, in two more years we won't be able to buy these genius and life-altering inventions anymore.

How I will miss those pieces of artistic denotation.... amazing.

(P.S. They are those stupid glasses people wear on New Years Eve in case you can't tell)

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Wesley, I was just thinking about the same thing the other day! Although, maybe for 2010, if you squeeze the "1" really tight between the two "0"... they could stretch it one more year. :-D

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How I will miss those pieces of artistic denotation.... amazing.

We'll always have Ohio...

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I want those Ohio glasses.

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Ricardo: Although, maybe for 2010, if you squeeze the “1” really tight between the two “0”... they could stretch it one more year.

Me: I pray for someone to make those, constantly. ; )

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S novym godim!

I'm going to learn to play the drums this year.

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I'm going to get my flu shot next year. Er, this year.

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jupiterboy, you have my love always and forever.

joe, s novym!!!

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Since I held an immaterial christmas this year, my new years resolutions kind of mix in to them:

* Take my little sister to the Cinemateque and watch old kult films every month
* Write 6 letters for my grand parents
* Visit my parents and make dinner for them every month
* Take my father out next time he goes shopping clothing and help him find classy clothes for reasonable prices (okay this is really not immaterial, but the idea still is), then make a style guide, so he can do it himself the next time

For myself, I want to make a complete identity-make-over for either a shawarma/kebab shop or a dry cleaner shop


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start doing yoga again.

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