(x) Sharp edged serif on book cover - ITC Fenice {Simon H}

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help very much appreciated

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Simon, would you know how Fenice is pronounced? I've always thought it's the same way as Venice, but quite a few people have told me it shold be Fey-nee-chay.

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Hi Arun,

that’s covered here: Pronouncing Typefaces

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Thanks Florian, that was a fantastic thread. Although the outcome on this particular one wasn't what I was hoping for.

Fey-nee-chay sounds ridiculous!


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Don't say that to any Italian. :^P

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Florian, that's a beautiful new icon you have there!

Thanks Yves, I'll be careful with the Italians.

If it all I get into trouble, I'll try wriggling out saying I mispronounce it deliberately out of love for Venice :)

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Thanks, Arun!
It’s from a piece of embroidery my Grandma once made. I rediscovered and photographed it during Christmas days. Pixel swash cap cross-stitch old-school style, yay!

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thanks :)

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