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Can any one help me to get the "New Hellenic" font, i am not able find it. Please give me the correct address to purchase..



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You can either purchase this version from Cannibal fonts, or download Greek Font Society's revival from here (GFS Neohellenic).

George Triantafyllakos -

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The two versions that 'gtrianta' is mentioning have as follows: The Cannibal version, which is now used sporadically in the Greek Estia newspaper is a bit rough, and it does contain Latin characters in the same style as the Greek characters. It is not for free, one has to order it from cannibal Fonts. The Greek Font Society revilal looks much better and lighter in weight and totally for free.

Eleana Ioannou

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The link to get the GFS 'New Hellenic' is
By the way you will find there many excellent typefaces in OpenType.

Eleana Ioannou

Eleana Ioannou

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