(x) Compressed sans on the side of shipping containers - Saa Series B D {Andrew J Sipe}

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can some one help me with the name of this type face please, its used on the side of shipping containers.



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Please don't shout, and please use a more descriptive thread title.

Univers Ultra Condensed has some similarities.

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Try this simple and "mind-boggling" Myfonts search!

Q: Why is it "mind-boggling", James?

A: Anything for another hyphenate. I'm addicted to making hyphenates.


j a m e s

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>> ******WHAT IS THIS TYPE FACE?******

> Please don’t shout, and please use a more descriptive thread title.

Indeed -- yelling like that is more likely to tick people off than to accelerate the process. :^P

Further information about proper etiquette on this board and how to help us help you can be found here.

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It's Saa Series B D, I answered it in your last post. http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/urw/saa/series-b-d/

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Netiquette aside, is that your photo? That first one would make a great silkscreen.

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Deleted the duplicate thread.

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A new alternative to Univers Compressed, which you might like, is TypeTrust's Heroic Condensed.

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