Found type blog: looking for contributors

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I posted here when my blog, was just getting underway. It has since become a rich forum for discussing found type and lettering. I invite you to take a look through the posts and possibly become contributors (I am particularly looking for contributors outside of my place of residence, Toronto, to broaden the spectrum).

Now that the holidays are coming to an end, I will be adding more and more content daily and working on some of the villatype projects.

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OK, I have some stuff - but sorry, I'm in TO too.

Here's something you can (and should) hunt for in the mean time. In Union Station in the VIA arrivals corridors as you would be leaving the trains, there are hand panted signs, quite possibly dating from 1919, that say "To City" with lovely long arrows underneath. Should be got before they do too much damage with the renovations.


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great! I have sent you an invite and I will definitely check out the train signage, thanks for the tip.

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