KABK Type & Media Wiki?

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Anyone know why this went away? Maybe it moved?

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The Type]Media Wiki is offline since a few months and will probably not return as such. It was hosted on a slow private server since 2002 and the Wiki software itself became outdated; it had very limited layout functionalities and became more and more vulnerable to spambots sadly.

We are currently in the process of creating a new Type]Media website which will be hosted on the KABK servers. I can’t give any indications about when it will be finished, but as soon as there’s more it will be posted here on Typophile.

There is some general information about the course at the KABK website though: http://www.kabk.nl/studierichtingen/vervolgopleidingen/inhoudstudie/type...
And you can visit us at the KABK Open Day on 26 January.


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