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James Arboghast was born in Melbourne, Australia, in 1963, and spent part of his childhood in England. He briefly attended the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology but found the academic focus too stifling even for pretend consideration.

James has worked as a photographer, art director, graphic designer, audio engineer, publicist and creative consultant. He is presently a freelance advertising creative specializing in copy writing and brand development. "Combining a permanent interest in monumental sculpture with written forms and semantics, I'm a philosophical artist who finds typography an ideal medium for the expression of abstract ideas."

Since 2003 he has designed 11 retail typefaces and 4 proprietary typefaces, receiving commissions from major players in U.K. videogames industry and a specialty motion picture post-production house. Retailing under the  s e n t i n e l  t y p e  brand, James' early type designs reflect a deeply-felt passion for blackletters, the gothic even-width principle, and fractured letterforms. Recent designs cover a wider range of styles. His original contributions to typeface design include the "super-modular" phonetic character shaping of Rhodaelian, and the variable structure and shape contrast of the unreleased Angel of the Odd.

Retail fonts
Midnight Kernboy

James lives and works in Melbourne, Australia. His retail fonts can be seen at Sentinel Type at Myfonts.com

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