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Hi all,

How to measure “line spacing” in “metric” in MS Office Word?
Say, I want a distance between 2 lines is 6 mm.



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If you can figure out how to get the Word Options dialog to show up, for Display you want to Show Measurements in units of millimeters.

And sure enuff, when you open the Paragraph dialog, Indentation is now set in millimeters, but Spacing > Line spacing: "exactly" > the measurements are still in points!

So the only way is to calculate how many points to set. Not too difficult; 72 points per inch divided by 25.4 millimeters per inch comes to 2.8 points per millimeter. Multiply by 6 equals 16.8 points.

I think. Try it. See if it works.

j a m e s

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You can write there your linespacing in mm. Word will change it into point: If you write there »Exactly: 6 mm«, the next time you open the Paragraph Dialog you find »Exactly: 17 p«.

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I don’t mention MS Office Word can do that!
Thanks a lot for the info.

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Yeah thanks other dude, I'm gonna try it out. Yay!

j a m e s

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